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Instagram Bots: Should You Use Them?

Instagram bots are being used more than ever to help people grow their accounts. There are lots of different kinds of bots, some authentic and some not. Overall, bots help you get followers, likes and comments which is obviously desirable if you’re a business or influencer trying to grow your account.

However, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons to see if using an Instagram bot is the best idea for your platform.

What Is An Instagram Bot?

Instagram bots are companies that do the hard work for you. They perform actions like liking, commenting and following new people on Instagram. With an Instagram bot, you might use specific hashtags or plugin parameters so the bot does the work for you.

You’ll pay bots to perform these actions to help increase your reach, followers and engagement.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Instagram Bots

There are hundreds of reasons why you shouldn’t use Instagram bots, although there is one exception to the rule which we’ll talk about later.

Before you decide to use a bot, you must weight up these pros and cons.

Cons can include safety. Instagram bots can definitely pose a threat to your account.


Instagram doesn’t allow for any sort of automation on their platform. It violates their rules and can actually get your account banned or shadow-banned.

Instagram published this message in February 2019. Bots access Instagram’s private API without permission, meaning they violate the terms of use. They also violate Instagram’s rule of no spam, because bots tend to spam.

To manage Instagram bots, Instagram implemented shadow-banning which is when your posts don’t show up the hashtags you use. To use bots, you have to use certain hashtags and now the photos won’t come up. Therefore, bots actually show a decrease in engagement rather than an increase, which was originally the point.

Awkward And Strange Comments

One thing bots do for your account is to like and comment on your pictures to make them appear more popular. However, everything is automatically generated so it doesn’t actually look authentic. For example, bots can’t actually read and process the caption so they might end up commenting something obviously irrelevant to your photo which doesn’t look good for your authentic followers.

Instagram Bots Don’t Equal Real Engagement

Although it might be engagement you’re looking for, Instagram bots don’t mimic the real thing. In the short term, it might seem that you are increasing your followers and likes, but this is not a long term solution.

For example, if you are starting an Instagram to grow a business and you use bots, then which of your followers are going to buy your products? None, because they aren’t real people.

Therefore, it’s better to target real people over using Instagram bots.

Also, sometimes Instagram bot companies get shut down if they are actively violating the terms of use, meaning all the followers that they got you might also disappear, putting you back to square one.

Your Instagram Timeline Will Be Messy

Bots follow accounts for you, sometimes thousands. This means when you log on to look through your following’s photographs, it’ll be clouded by all the bots you follow. These bots don’t tend to post anything of interest or value, so it becomes too messy.

In fact, you’ll no longer see your friend’s, family’s, or favorite celebrity’s posts because they’ll get swamped by all the Instagram bots.

Instagram Limits

Instagram has limits of how many photos you can like and comment on within every hour. You might notice sometimes if you’re liking or commenting too fast, that you get temporarily blocked. This is exactly what will happen if you use Instagram bots. The company will go on a like and comment spree, Instagram will notice and your account will be blocked between 1 and 24 hours.

This is definitely not ideal if you have important things you have to do on Instagram during that day. Bots can really mess with your engagement.

What To Use Instagram Of Instagram Bots

If you’re starting your Instagram account and are desperate for followers and engagement, you don’t need to depend on bots. There are dozens of other ways to grow your account.

Hire A Social Media Team

The most successful companies have a person or group of people dedicated to running social media. It allows your account to be active all day long, meaning your consumers get quick responses and lots of content!

This is a perfect at-home job for students and young people so definitely consider this as an option for your Instagram.

Do It Yourself or let our Instagram bot save you time

If you have the time and concentration, then you can run your own Instagram account. It makes it more authentic and easier to keep track of everything including stats, responses and photographs.

Of course, not everyone has the time and it is a huge commitment so only do this if you have the time.

Instagram bot is a perfect companion to Instagram ads

Instagram ads are great for new companies or even a long-term company that is releasing a new product. You can choose your exact budget for your Instagram ad so that it suits your business.

Plus, you can target authentic people within a specific niche. Therefore, you know who you’re targeting for your company or new product.

The Only Instagram Bot You Should Use

Earlier, we mentioned that there might be an exception to the “no Instagram bot” rule. That is: Kenji.

Kenji is the only Instagram bot powered by artificial intelligence. It does what most bots do: helps you get more followers, likes and comment.

It’s machine-learned which means it predicts who is most likely to follow you based on similar interests. It works throughout the day, and it’s super easy to set up. You can let Kenji know your favorite hashtags so it can target people who use the same ones.

You get a fancy dashboard, too, to track all your stats! This means that everything is transparent and you can see what your Kenji bot is up to at all time. In fact, this is basically a robot account manager, rather than the infamous title of “Instagram bot”.

How Does Kenji Instagram bot Works?

Good question! Kenji has a clever HyperTarget™ feature. You let Kenji know which accounts you like and Kenji targets their followers. This helps you organically get more followers, especially ones that will be genuinely interested in your account.

Kenji also uses hashtag targeting. It finds people within your niche by targeting hashtags you specify in your dashboard. Kenji uses location targeting, too. This is great for small businesses!

What Does The Kenji Bot Do?

Here’s the good news. Kenji doesn’t auto-follow or comment on your behalf. Earlier when we talked about your timeline becoming a mess… well, that won’t happen with Kenji! Your timeline will be full of the lovely accounts that you personally chose to follow.

Kenji only likes posts for you. Even with that, it only likes posts in the specific niche you’ve targeted with the settings in your dashboard.

Kenji works when you don’t. If you need a break from Instagram for a few days, Kenji will continue to engage with targeted accounts so that your account remains active while you jet off on a relaxing hiatus.

Kenji Is Safe

Kenji prioritizes your Instagram’s safety. Nobody wants to get banned or shadow-banned these days! Since Kenji doesn’t do any automatic commenting, following or DM-ing, it operates completely within Instagram’s limitations and terms of use.

Also, they don’t deal with fake accounts! They only engage with real, active followers.

Carla Maria is a happy Kenji customer. She has over 149,000 followers. Her comments are all by real people, too! With Kenji, she says all she needs to focus on is her posting schedule since Kenji deals with her engagement and account’s growth.

Kenji Pricing

instagram bot kenji pricing

If you want to save even more money, you can buy your plans yearly instead of monthly and save yourself money.

So if you’re considering using an Instagram bot, there’s only one option for you: Kenji!