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An affordable entry point for anyone looking to grow their Instagram account. Get access to a simple, straightforward version of KENJI.

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The best version of any Instagram bot, ever. Used by our most serious clients - unlock all features and priority support!

  • The Best Instagram Bot
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I still have an old subscription. What do I do?

If you were on our first version of KENJI, you can cancel your subscription there and move to our new and improved version. If you used our app-install version for Windows or Mac, please do the same. We will compensate you with 1+ months free time on our new app!

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KENJI is feature packed and really easy to use. By auto-following other Instagram users in your niche and engaging with their stories, Instagram live broadcasts, and posts - your account is guaranteed to grow. Take the hard work out of your routine and stay classy with KENJI.

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Kenji has been trained to serve you well. Our bot predicts who is most likely to follow you based on similar interests.

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Kenji works quickly throughout the day and night, picking up more followers for your Instagram accounts.

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It's incredibly easy to set up Kenji. Spend a minute setting up and we promise you months of results. It's so simple!

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KENJI promises you real followers every day. Instagram automation means organic results, and KENJI is no exception!

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KENJI is the only Instagram bot that offers you a real organic results with intelligent automation. KENJI is your new feature-packed Instagram followers app that will get you results within the first few weeks of using our Instagram bot.

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