Welcome to our frequently asked questions. This is probably the most detailed way to learn about KENJI before checking out KENJI with your 3 day free trial. While we think you can best learn about KENJI by trying it out, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Always happy to help.

KENJI puts your likes on autopilot for Instagram, liking posts based on settings you specify within your dashboard. In return, this gets you more organic likes, followers, story views, and engagement. KENJI will never auto-follow or comment on your behalf.
We offer a 3-day free trial completely free. When we say free - we mean it! You don't need to add your credit card or any other payment details with us to get started. When your time's up, we'll ask you if you enjoyed your time with us and offer you the chance to subscribe. 3 days should be more than enough time for you to get more organic followers with us.
Definitely! Your account's safety is our top priority. Because KENJI doesn't auto-comment, auto-DM, or auto-follow users, we keep your account safe and operate within Instagram's limitations. We also don't deal with fake accounts, meaning we're only engaging with real and active users on Instagram.
Simple! By inputting hashtags on your dashboard, you're indicating to KENJI what type of posts you'd like to engage with. Usually, KENJI users add hashtags they're interested in and/or hashtags related to their account. This means the followers they get will be relevant to their industry and niche.
By using HyperTarget™, you're able to specify Instagram accounts, you will engage with their followers. This allows you to 'copy' a competitor or larger account, getting you more followers from their audience. This works very well for anyone looking to really grow their account. KENJI uses machine learning to pick the best users to engage with, maximizing your growth.
We make sure KENJI works while you don't. When you start your free trial with KENJI, you won't need to lift a finger, because KENJI does all the hard work for you. You'll see your followers and engagement grow without having to interact with others manually. We encourage you to keep posting great content to speed up your growth.

Account Setup

Setting up your account is as easy as pie. Add hashtags that you feel are most relevant to you, add a few accounts using the HyperTarget™ feature, and we'll get your account growing.
Adding your Instagram account to the dashboard is the first step to growing your account. We ensure your password is securely encrypted via the cloud to maximize your security. KENJI takes your account safety incredibly seriously.
Nothing else needs to be done on your end! KENJI has been built with simplicity in mind. KENJI grows your Instagram and is the most hands-off experience available.

Support & Billing

We offer support through email and strive to reply within 24 hours.
Please get in touch via ryu[a-t]kenji.ai for a speedy response.
Simply head to your dashboard, press on Subscribe, and choose a plan that's right for you.
Head into your Settings tab and adjust your hashtags, HyperTarget™ users, and locations accordingly. We provide statistics on which settings are doing great for your account. KENJI optimizes in real-time which posts to engage with, meaning you're still in full control of your targeting.
If you're an agency or have someone else that manages your account, you can share access with your colleague/friend so that they can get into your KENJI dashboard.
Yes! KENJI will always let you subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. Please unsubscribe before your next billing period to make sure you don't get billed incorrectly.
We offer refunds on a case-by-case basis. In the rare event that you may feel you qualify for a refund, please get in touch with our support directly and we'll do our best to get the money back on to your account.


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Have some technical questions? Check out the FAQ inside your dashboard, or otherwise send us an email.

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