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This page covers all the frequently asked questions from our customers.

Q: Warmup period? What's that?

A: Every account that's added to our system is put into warmup, which lasts 2 to 4 days. KENJI automates your browsing behavior in this period, so that your account doesn't get an action block later on. In the meantime, the app automatically optimizes your settings based on your account data.

Q: Results after 14 days?

A: You'll see growth after 14 days like 95% of our customers. If you're in the 5% it's likely your account was not properly configured during set up (wrong password is usually the culprit), or the targets haven't been set up. Our support team will fix this with you so that you see great results!

Q: What's your refund policy?

A: We'll honor refunds on a per-case basis - but we're confident it won't get to that! Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

Q: Start vs Pro plans?

A: Pro users grow up to 110% faster. We encourage users to subscribe to Pro if they're looking to get results quicker and automate optimizations of their account over time. Pro users also skip the ticket queue when it comes to getting support.

Q: Do I need to download?

A: Not for our new version of KENJI! Our last update required you to download an app which you'd then install on your computer. We saw that most of our customers didn't want this, so we've set up a full web solution.

Q: Any free trial?

A: Unfortunately, no. As soon as you sign up to KENJI, our machines set up your Instagram account on one of our phones. This costs both time and money.

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