How KENJI Works

Learn why KENJI is the best Instagram bot available, how KENJI works, and about all of its features!

  • 60 Second Setup
  • Real Organic Results
  • Used by 110,000+

Beyond expectations

KENJI goes beyond expectations in terms of both growth and features! We're the most wholesome Instagram automation solution around. Here are some of our core features that you'll benefit from:

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Finally found the right Instagram bot!

"Jumping from automation tool to another one was a huge painpoint for me. I found KENJI a few months ago. Very happy (since it actually works) and their customer support is solid."


Follow & Unfollow

The #1 way to grow any Instagram account. Follow and unfollow automation is done in batches to maximize performance and speed - getting you Instagram followers faster than ever before.

React, React, React

People go live all the time - but not many of us notice. Pick up followers by auto-reacting to any Instagrammer who goes live within your niche! This is the most underrated way to growing your Instagram following.

Instagram AutoLike

Autolike comments on Instagram within your niche to help you get noticed by accounts and Instagram users similar to you. There is no rate limit here - meaning we'll be liking comments night and day for your account!

Story Viewing

Everybody wonders who's viewed their stories. With this feature, KENJI makes sure that you're always on the viewers list of anyone within your niche - maximizing your reach and getting you follows consistently over time.


While KENJI follows and unfollows users, some may become your number one fan. KENJI offers whitelisting ability to make sure that anyone who actively engages with your account can be whitelisted - meaning we won't unfollow them!

Auto Blacklist

Accounts that look strange are simply not engaged with. KENJI automatically applies a blacklist of over 10,000 "bad" keywords to make sure your account only engages with the right people.

Step 1

Sign up

Your Instagram account is about to start growing! Signing up is a fully secure, automated process. And it only takes a few seconds to get started.

  • 60 second signup
  • Get organic followers fast
  • Reserved phone slot
  • SSL secure
  • Password safety measures
Step 2

Saddle up

As soon as you've signed up, you'll be prompted to add some information about your account. All you need to do is provide hashtags relevant to your account, and show KENJI a few accounts that you want your account to look like in terms of size and growth.

After that, KENJI is ready to grow your account.

  • 60 Second Setup
  • Real Organic Results
  • Used by 110,000+
Step 3

Watch your Instagram grow

Simply leave KENJI to do all the growing for you and pick up more Instagram followers over time. The longer you use KENJI, the better your results - KENJI was built to machine learn your ideal targeting on-the-fly, meaning it's constantly improving which accounts to interact with.

Get Growing

Let's get you started

KENJI is the only Instagram bot that offers you an intelligent way to automate your Instagram. If your account doesn't pick up more followers by itself, KENJI is the solution for you. KENJI is your new feature-packed Instagram followers app.

  • Start in 60 Seconds
  • Real Organic Results
  • 110,000+ Users