How KENJI Works

KENJI is an Instagram bot powered by artifical intelligence, but you don't need any technical knowledge to get set up. It's really easy actually! Here are some of the key features you need to know about KENJI.

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Target The Right Followers

KENJI helps you find the right Instagram followers all the time. Make use of hashtag targeting, the HyperTarget™ feature, and location targeting to really double down on your audience.

Then, KENJI starts its magic. That means more likes, more exposure, and more business for you.

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Hashtag Targeting

Find people relevant to your niche according to hashtags that you specify.

Pick up more relevant Instagram followers at speed.


HyperTarget™ AI

Let KENJI know some accounts you'd like to copy, and KENJI will target their followers.

KENJI programmatically optimizes who to target, organically getting you more followers.


Location Targets

Not just looking for followers based on their interests?

Find new Instagram followers based on their location. KENJI does all the heavy lifting.


Out-The-Box Solution

KENJI is the go-to solution for small businesses, upcoming influencers, brands and agencies.

Get set up in minutes in your free trial and start growing your Instagram on day one.

KENJI In 3 Easy Steps

KENJI can get you set up and growing your Instagram in 3 simple, speedy steps. Here's how:

I'm only on the Samurai plan but I'm pleased with the results.

Became an influencer in the UK after 4 months.
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  • 1.

    Sign up to KENJI and add your Instagram account to your dashboard.

  • 2.

    Add #hashtags and use the HyperTarget™ feature to get the right Instagram followers.

  • 3.

    Sit back, relax, and watch your Instagram account grow with more organic followers.

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